Learn to race: Racing 101

Interested in Racing?

Are you interested in racing?  Have questions? You’ve come to the right place.  We’ve broken our class into sections to make it easier to navigate!

Before diving in

Before you get into bike racing, it’s important that you have lots of information!  This section covers some of the resources that you should tap before diving in and lists some things that you should have checked.


Choosing your event

Choosing an event can often be a confusing endeavor.  There are multiple types of events and categories, there are requirements for membership and you can’t forget registration!  This section will help the process easier to manage.


Prepping for your event

Many folks don’t know what to bring to their first event.  Should I bring X, Y or Z?  We’ve created a list that will help you come prepared.


Race day

Event day can be hectic.  We’ll cover some simple suggestions and things to pay attention to before, during and after your event.


Pricing schedule

  • Membership Type
  • Adult
  • Junior
  • Annual Membership
  • $30
  • $10
  • Cyclocross Season Membership
  • $20
  • $10
  • One Event Membership
  • $5
  • $5

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