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Dear OBRA Member,

Thanks so much for joining OBRA in 2015! Thanks to all of you, we have become the most successful grass roots bike racing organization in the United States.

If you are renewing and indicated you had your card, you likely received just a renewal sticker- just peel and stick it on top of your old one. Bring proof of membership to all your races. If you do not, you will be charged a non-refundable fee.

Acceptable forms of proof of membership:

  • 2015 license
  • 2015 road numbers
  • printout/e-mail of your online membership purchase confirmation
  • picture of your current license
  • https://obra.org/people showing your license as current

All membership questions should be sent to: membership@obra.org.

Please remember that OBRA and organizers do not provide insurance coverage for injuries that occur at races. The costs related to those injuries are the responsibility of the individual participant. Please race responsibly and race with insurance.

Results are generally available on our website within 24-48 hours after a race on our website. If your team is an official OBRA team and your team name does not appear next to your results, please send an e-mail to kenji@obra.org. If you have questions about our team listing policy on results, please also send us an e-mail.

If you wish to upgrade on the track or on the road, you must send a request to upgrades@obra.org with a race resume. Upgrades to A in cyclocross and upgrades to Elite in mountain bike must be requested.  Upgrades are not automatic and must be requested even though you may have met the requirements. Otherwise, you may be disqualified at your next event if you race out of your assigned category.  Upgrade rules can be found at


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OBRA Rules Meeting and Awards Party


February 7, 2015

Chris King World Headquarters

Schedule of Events

1 PM – 4 PM Rules Meeting
6-9 PM Awards Party


Rules Meeting Agenda:

Introduction and updates
Rule changes
Board member election (2 slots)

Proposed rule changes (OBRA Rule Change Proposals – 2015)
Bios of board member candidates

Meg Mautner (incumbent)

Meg Mautner is a teacher in the Beaverton School district. She currently teaches middle school math and algebra. Meg started racing bikes in the mid 1990’s and found a sport she is passionate about. While track cycling is her favorite discipline, Meg has raced road, crits, time trials, cyclocross, and even a few short track races. In addition to racing, Meg is the lead instructor for the Alpenrose Track Development classes. She has served on OBRA’s board of directors for the past 9 years.

John Wilson (incumbent)

John Wilson is a R&D Engineering Manager at Hewlett Packard, and has been a Board member of OBRA since 2011. John has been a racing enthusiast most of his life including 10 years motorcycle racing and 15 years of bicycle racing. He carries his passion for cycling, along with his organizational and management skills into Junior Development. In 2009 John created the OBRA Junior Cyclocross Series that has helped lift Oregon up to the highest junior participation levels in the country. John followed up with the creation of a High School Cyclocross League helping to introduce cycling beyond racing families to the general public. John continues to provide administrative leadership to both the Junior and High School CX series, and is working with OBRA to extend the model into other disciplines. 2015 marks John’s 6th year coaching a Junior Cycling team. He was a co-founder and vice president of the Willamette Valley Cycling team. John graduated with a degree in Physics from University of California Davis, and completed graduate work at the University of California, San Diego.

Representatives from teams that paid in 2014-2015 are eligible to vote.

Awards Party:

Food catered by Chris DiMinno of Chris King.  Awards party is open to all but we request that you RSVP so we can anticipate the proper amount of food.  Beer provided by Ninkasi Brewing Company of Eugene.  Thank you!


  • Grand local charcuterie and cheese platter, breads and traditional garnishes
  • Chris King cafe chocolate chip cookies
  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Roasted mushroom and goat cheese sliders

Master of ceremonies: Splinter Wrenn

  • Introduction

  • Oregon Cup

  • Oregon Women’s Prestige Series

  • Oregon TT Cup

  • Video Intermission

  • Bar Awards


Dress for attendees is casual.  Awardees should dress business casual.  Awardees will be announced and called up to the stage in groups.  We will provide further details at the event.  There will be an opportunity for photos after each group is on stage.


Oregon Cup

  1. Tim Reinhart, Rapha/River City Bicycles
  2. Joshua Liberles, HiFi Sound Cycling Components
  3. Eric Gushurst, Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing

Oregon Women’s Prestige Series Cat 1/2 p/b Yakima

  1. Sydney Running, Team Ironclad
  2. Brenna Wrye-Simpson, Team Ironclad
  3. Kristina Hughes, BMC Total Care Racing

Oregon Women’s Prestige Series Cat 3 p/b Yakima

  1. Cristina Mihaescu, Team Ironclad
  2. Jennifer Haliewicz, Upper Echelon Fitness and Rehab
  3. Emily Boscacci, Oregon Bike Shop

Oregon Women’s Prestige Series Cat 4/5 p/b Veloforma

  1. Dawn Andres, Portland Bicycle Studio
  2. Neisha Strait, Poplollies
  3. Helen Kennedy, West Coast Women’s Cycling p/b Oakshire Brewing

Oregon Women’s Prestige Series Team Competition

  1. West Coast Women’s Cycling p/b Oakshire Brewing

Oregon TT Cup

  • P/1/2 Men, Colby Wait-Molyneux, Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
  • P/1/2 Women, Bre Rue, Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
  • Category 3 Women, Heather Johnson, Beaverton Bicycle Cub
  • Category 3 Men, Ron Sines, Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • Category 4/5 Women, Hazel Gross, West Coast Women’s Cycling p/b Oakshire Brewing
  • Category 4/5 Men, Joe Tysoe, Unattached
  • Junior Men 10-12, Jacob Smith, PDX Devo Juniors Cycling
  • Junior Men 13-14, Grayson Szczukowksi, unattached
  • Junior Men 15-16, Alex White, Word-RCB by Cyclisme
  • Junior Men 17-18, Adam Oliver, Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion
  • Junior Women 10-14, Kaylie Ragsdale, Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
  • Junior Women 15-18, Gillian Bergmann, Word-RCB by Cyclisme
  • Masters Women 30-39, Erica Rinella, Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
  • Masters Men 30-39, Carl Hoefer, HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
  • Masters Women 40-49, Brenda, Middleton Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • Masters Men 40-49, Ron Babcock, Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing
  • Masters Women 50-59, Laura Wanker, unattached
  • Masters Men 50-59, Dean Anderson, unattached
  • Masters Women 60+, Joanne Heilinger, RAO/Imperial River Racing
  • Masters Men 60+, Gregory Hartman, Team Rose City

Best All Around Rider Age-Graded Recognition (did not race 4 disciplines)

  • Junior Women 17-18, Gillian Bergmann, Word-RCB by Cyclisme
  • Masters Men 35-39, Nick Skenzick, Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion
  • Masters Women 35-39, Heather VanValkenburg, Portland Bicycle Studio

Best All Around Rider Category

  • Category 3 Men, Marek Litinsky, Trusty Switchblade
  • Category 3 Women, Heather Johnson, Beaverton Bicycle Club
  • Category 4/5 Men, Matthew Brock, Team Lazy Tarantulas
  • Category 4/5 Women, Vicky Hanson, West Coast Women’s Cycling p/b Oakshire Brewing
  • Singlespeed, John Penfold, Oregon Bike Shop Racing Team
  • Clydesdale, Scott Pierce, Sappo Hill Soapworks

Best All Around Rider Age-Graded Juniors

  • Junior Women 10-12, Roxanna Hart, Hapi-Go!
  • Junior Men 10-12, Jacob Smith, PDX Devo Junior Cycling
  • Junior Women 15-16, Kristina Owen, Capitol Velo
  • Junior Men 15-16, Peter Newlands, PDX Devo Junior Cycling
  • Junior Men 17-18, Kent Ross, PDX Devo Junior Cycling

Best All Around Rider Age-Graded Masters

  • Masters Men 30-34, Carl Hoefer, HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
  • Masters Women 30-34, Heather Johnson, Beaverton Bicycle Club
  • Masters Men 40-44, Jamie Mikami, Veloforma
  • Masters Women 40-44, Sarah Tisdale, Highfive Cycling
  • Masters Men 45-49, John Prosser, Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • Masters Women 45-49, Virginia Xing, Bicycleway.com/Oregon Paddle Sports
  • Masters Men 50-54, Martin Fuss, Beaverton Bicycle Club
  • Masters Women 50-54, Jan Moss, Highfive Cycling
  • Masters  Men 55-59, John O’Brien, Evolution Racing Team/River City Bicycles
  • Masters Women 60+, Flo Leibowitz, Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • Masters Men 65-69, Daniel Caldwell, Sunnyside Sports
  • Masters Men 70+, Einar Traa, Portland Velo Racing Team

Best All Around Rider Overall

  • Team Bicycleway.com/Oregon Paddle Sports
  • Senior Men Steven Beardsley, Gentle Lovers
  • Senior Women Bre Rue, Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
  • Overall Masters Men, Masters Men 60-64 Ken Rodgers, Bicycleway.com/Oregon Paddle Sports
  • Overall Masters Women, Masters Women 55-59 Melissa Boyd, Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • Overall Junior Women, Junior Women 13-14 Lauren Ziehnert, Beaverton Bicycle Club
  • Overall Junior Men, Junior Men 13-14 Kyler Ervin, Smith & Nephew p/b Westend Bikes
  • Tandem John Cacabelos/Margareta Germeaux


Chris King
2801 NW Nela St.
Portland, OR 97210


You may park along the areas marked in red, or if you cannot find parking there, you can park along 29th Ave.  You will be towed if you park by Metro or any of the other businesses.  Entrance along alley on left side.