Quick Facts about OBRA

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Quick Facts about OBRA

The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) is the official sanctioning body of bicycle racing in Oregon, Southwest Washington and parts of Northern California. We work with race promoters to put on world class events within the region. We sanction road, track, mountain bike, enduro, cyclocross and gran fondo events. OBRA provides the community and framework for successful events. We provide insurance, race equipment, competitions, calendars, training, judging, timing services, marketing, membership services and many other services to make bicycle racing safe, enjoyable and accessible. OBRA sanctions over 390 events and clinics throughout the year.

Quick notables:

  • OBRA is home to the largest cyclocross series in the United States.
  • OBRA is one of the largest regional bike racing organizations in the United States.
  • OBRA is known for putting on high quality events that attract racers from across the world. We have hosted competitors from Canda, the United Kingdom and Japan.
  • Sanctioned bicycle race participants spend an average of $144 per day trip and $794 per overnight trip.*
  • Sanctioned bicycle racing has a yearly economic impact of $38.4 million per year in Oregon.*

*The Economic Significance of Bicycle-Related Travel in Oregon: 2012, Dean Runyan Associates (opens in a new window)

Who to contact

If you have questions about becoming a member with OBRA, contact membership@obra.org. If you have questions about specific events, contact the event promoter. Promoter contact info can be found through the main OBRA schedule page.

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OBRA: The Power Behind Oregon Bike Racing

5,000 racers racing over 50,000 times per year.


OBRA memberships are valid from January 1st of each year to December 31st. Membership averages between 4,600 and 5,000 members.

Member Demographics

19.4% female
80.6% male

9.6% 10-18 years old
11.9% 19-29 years old
28.3% 30-39 years old
34.7% 40-49 years old
12.3% 50-59 years old
3% 60+ years old

44% have college degrees
35% have advanced graduate degrees

Annual Income
38% earn between $60,000-$120,000
22% earn between $120,000-$180,000
14% earn $180,000 or more

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84,000 visits monthly

1 million sessions per year

5.2 page views average

222,597 unique users

701,225 visits from Oregon in 2013

142,794 visits from Washington in 2013

38,249 visits from California in 2013

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3,361 subscribers


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8,799 subscribers

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Annual Printed Magazine

9,600 mailed

1,400 sent to bike shops

Total distribution: 11,000