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Dear OBRA Member,

Thanks so much for joining OBRA in 2015! Thanks to all of you, we have become the most successful grass roots bike racing organization in the United States.

If you are renewing and indicated you had your card, you likely received just a renewal sticker- just peel and stick it on top of your old one. Bring proof of membership to all your races. If you do not, you will be charged a non-refundable fee.

Acceptable forms of proof of membership:

  • 2015 license
  • 2015 road numbers
  • printout/e-mail of your online membership purchase confirmation
  • picture of your current license
  • https://obra.org/people showing your license as current

All membership questions should be sent to: membership@obra.org.

Please remember that OBRA and organizers do not provide insurance coverage for injuries that occur at races. The costs related to those injuries are the responsibility of the individual participant. Please race responsibly and race with insurance.

Results are generally available on our website within 24-48 hours after a race on our website. If your team is an official OBRA team and your team name does not appear next to your results, please send an e-mail to kenji@obra.org. If you have questions about our team listing policy on results, please also send us an e-mail.

If you wish to upgrade on the track or on the road, you must send a request to upgrades@obra.org with a race resume. Upgrades to A in cyclocross and upgrades to Elite in mountain bike must be requested.  Upgrades are not automatic and must be requested even though you may have met the requirements. Otherwise, you may be disqualified at your next event if you race out of your assigned category.  Upgrade rules can be found at


If you do not receive our e-newsletter, we highly recommend that you join. There is a lot of information that is distributed via our monthly communication including news, upcoming races, interviews, recipes and other great OBRA information. If you would like to join fill out the form below.

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Thanks our generous sponsors River City Bicycles, Castelli, Rolf Prima and Michael Colbach for their continued support.

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